Photo de Jean-Francois Allaire

Jean-François Allaire, M. Sc.

President and Associate

I am an accomplished entrepreneur and a founding member and associate president of Numea. With more than 20 years of experience in data science, in a broad range of business and scientific fields, I am perfectly familiar with this universe, its assets and its pitfalls. Attentive to customers’ needs, I am transparent, and I seek to develop human relationships long before business relationships.

Photo Sebastien Giroux

Sébastien Giroux, M. Sc., MBA

Vice-President Advisory Services and Operations

Both concrete and visionary, I can determine the strategies that must be put in place to reach the end before even starting a project. My main objective: Impact. I develop action plans that will have a rapid impact, without ever losing sight of the long-term vision.

Photo Julie Meloche

Julie Meloche, M. Sc.

Chief Data Scientist and Associate

I am co-founder of Numea and responsible for the supervision of data scientists. With over 20 years of experience in data exploitation, I can propose useful and accessible solutions without compromising statistical rigour. I am THE reference for the creation of predictive models. As a pedagogue and popularizer, the training aspect is also under my responsibility.

Jason Laing

Jason Laing

Vice President Customer Success

Starting my career as a business analyst and then a programmer, over time I discovered a passion for customer satisfaction. As the head of the Customer Success team during my previous experience, I have also assisted organizations in Canada and the United States in the creation of loyalty programs for their members.

Photo Isabelle Fauteux

Isabelle Fauteux, M. Sc.

Marketing Director

My speciality is to make the most complex analyses accessible and to extract the essentials to guide decisions. I convert data into opportunities, priorities, and strategies. Creative and involved, I am also responsible for the influence of the Numea brand.

Photo Lesly Gallardon en noir et blanc

Lesly Gallardon

Marketing coordinator

With my knowledge of digital marketing, I have helped many businesses improve their visibility on the web in the past. I now use my skills to promote Numea, and I also support our clients to analyze their digital data. I am passionate, dedicated and dynamic.

Photo Stéphane Melançon

Stéphane Melançon

Data Science Expert

Trying to put myself into a box would be a mistake in itself, because my strengths are precisely my versatility and my creative and innovative spirit. Defined as a self-taught geek by my colleagues, I excel in analytical projects of all kinds, as well as automated analytical solutions and machine learning.

Photo Melissa Quagliano

Mélissa Quagliano

Data Strategy Expert

As an expert in business intelligence, I design organized and structured databases coming from a variety of sources, each one more different than the other. I ensure the quality and integrity of these databases to create reports, analyses, and models. Using dashboards, I also help communicate complex information.

Photo de Yann Rabiniaux en noir et blanc

Yann Rabiniaux

Data analyst

With more than 20 years of experience in information technology, I have supported a multitude of clients in their digital projects. I understand the technical challenges of development teams and the business needs of clients. Automated marketing expert, I use data to set up and optimize customer journeys, with the aim of creating value.

Photo Marie Christine Robitaille

Marie-Christine Robitaille-Grou, M. Sc.

Data Science Specialist

Curious and versatile, I can apply my statistical expertise to different areas of business intelligence and the academic world. Thanks to various certifications I hold (SPSS, R, Python…), I am efficient with several programming languages and I remain on the lookout for the latest trends in data science.

Photo Marie Christine Stafford

Marie-Christine Stafford, M. Sc.


My extensive expertise in statistics applied to the field of university research allows me to carry out various statistical methods, including projects where methodological issues are important. My critical thinking, integrity and scientific rigour make me a major asset in providing support to researchers.

Photo Isabelle Trabut

Isabelle Trabut, M. Sc.


Organized and dedicated, I have several strings to my bow: the responsibility of human resources, of the administrative side, including contracts and invoicing, of event logistics, as well as of the general coordination of the team. With an eye for detail, I also act as an intermediary to facilitate the acquisition and renewal of our partners’ products by our clients.

Jean-Pascal Voyer - Stratège en données marketing chez Numea

Jean-Pascal Voyer

Marketing data strategist M. Sc., PMP®

An analyst at heart, I have always enjoyed working with marketing teams to highlight their data. Reporting on PowerBi, Data Studio and Google Analytics is no secret to me. In addition, with my experience in project management, I intend to use my knowledge to help our clients achieve their objectives effectively.

Photo Martin Drapeau

Martin Drapeau

Programming Expert

Passionate and expert in technology for over 25 years, I am a senior web product developer. Always on the lookout for the latest trends and technological innovations, I turn a product’s vision into a web application.

Photo Marina Doucerain

Marina M. Doucerain, Ph.D.

Statistics expert

I specialize in using R to perform a wide range of statistical analysis techniques, ranging from social media analysis to multi-level analysis and structural equations. I also have extensive experience in teaching data management, analysis and visualization with R. I stand out for my rigor and attention to detail.