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Make the
most of
your data


With business analytics, generate more revenue and optimize your costs.

Whether it’s to increase the lifetime value of your customers, to acquire new ones or to optimize your operational costs, we uncover business opportunities using advanced analytics that will make a real difference.

Customer Analytics and Surveys

The customer at the heart of your strategies

A better customer experience starts with knowing more about your customers through segmentation, surveys and other behavioral analysis. Artificial intelligence is the next step to bring your CX to the next level.

Marketing Analytics

Maximize your marketing budget

With an unbiased partner, you get a clear picture of how your marketing efforts are contributing to your sales and your customers’ engagement levels. Whether it’s for your media placements or targeted campaigns, we help you optimize your ROI marketing.

Loyalty Program Insights

Go beyond the rewards

Gain a competitive advantage from your loyalty program and optimize your customer retention strategy with the customer data you collect. Our analyses will help you maximize your program’s ROI and the lifetime value of your customers.

Business Intelligence

Sharpen your decisions

Get the insights you need to make a decision when it’s needed! Thanks to our business intelligence and visualization approach, issues and opportunities would never be so obvious. We help organizations to see more clearly and act quickly!

Promotion and Product analytics

Maximize your margins

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor or retailer, capitalize on proven statistical approaches, such as demand forecasting or supply cost, to optimize your inventories, store spacelayout, prices and promotions.

Other Data Science Projects

Opt for flexibility

With Numea, you have access to a wide range of expertise, from data science to marketing through to BI and machine learning. Whether it’s for specific projects or ongoing support, enjoy peace of mind!

Data Analysis Training

Customized training

Thanks to our training in statistics, stay up to date with the programming languages (SPSS, SAS, R and Python syntax), the software used (SPSS Statistics, SPSS Modeler or IBM Watson), as well as statistical and machine learning techniques.