Training in
business analytics

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Training in
business analytics

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Training in business analytics

You are a data scientist, business analyst or marketing research professional? You are looking to learn or optimize your analytical or programming skills? You want to consolidate your knowledge to make sound decisions? This type of training is for you

Stay up to date with programming languages (SAS, R, Python), software (IBM SPSS or Watson Studio), as well as statistical and machine learning techniques.

IBM SPSS Statistics

  • The essentials for analyzing data in marketing research
    Length: 3 days
    Learn about IBM SPSS Statistics software and its IBM SPSS Tables module and see how to use basic statistical techniques to perform a proper analysis on your own data 
  • Produce user-specific tables with IBM SPSS Statistics Custom Tables
    Length: ½ day
    See how to efficiently build simple and complex tables. Discover options for handling multiple responses, presenting variables with shared modalities, and exporting tables to other formats 
  • Use of SPSS syntax
    Length: 2 days
    This training focuses on the effective use of the programming possibilities (syntax) offered by IBM SPSS software. Empower yourself and save time in preparing your data for analysis. In addition, learn how to automate your repetitive tasks 
  • Tips and Advanced Syntax with IBM SPSS
    Length: 1 day
    See all the possibilities offered by this software to manage your variables more efficiently. Optimize the management of your databases by learning the concepts of loops, vectors, and macros. Other tips and advanced features are discussed to help you automate your repetitive tasks

IBM SPSS Modeler

  • Introduction to data science with IBM SPSS Modeler
    Length: 2 days
    Learn how to use the software to carry out your data science projects. Learn how to use the nodes needed to read, manipulate, and transform your data for modeling. Get an overview of the predictive modeling techniques, segmentation and association rules offered by the software 
  • Advanced data preparation with IBM SPSS Modeler
    Length: 1 day
    Learn how to prepare data for a successful data mining project. Learn how to use different functions, manage missing values, modify variables, or create new ones, use sequence data, apply advanced sampling methods, and improve efficiency 
  • Modeling techniques with IBM SPSS Modeler
    Length: 1 day
    Use the most popular modeling techniques for predictive analysis, segmentation, and association rules with IBM SPSS Modeler. Learn how to develop your model, evaluate it, and put it into production

IBM Watson Studio

  • Introduction to WatsonStudio
    Length: 1 day
    Overview of Watson Studio’s capabilities for data scientists


  • Introduction to the use of the R software package
    Length: 2 days
    To introduce you to the possibilities of analysis offered by R, its characteristics, its structure and to acquire basic skills in data handling 
  • Graphs and data visualization with R
    Length: 1 day
    Explore a range of graphical functions for three types of use: visual data mining, visual diagnostic assistance, and graphical representation of analysis results


  • Introduction to the Python language
    Length: 2 days
    To discover the possibilities that Python offers when manipulating and analyzing data
  • Predictive modeling with Python
    Length: 1 day
    Get an overview of the most common methods of analysis and machine learning used in data science. See how to apply these methods using Python


  • Introduction to SAS software
    Length: 2 days
    Learn how SAS software works and its language. See how to read, manipulate, and transform your data in a DATA step. Learn how to use basic procedures to visualize and explore your data 
  • Advanced SAS
    Length: 1 day
    You are using SAS software and want to program more efficiently? In addition to more advanced programming concepts, this course provides a brief introduction to the Macro language and SQL procedure. You will also see procedures for the statistical analysis of your data

Our specialized trainings

Various training courses on practice-oriented statistical methods using examples made with the software or language of your choice (SPSS, SAS, R, and Python) are available:

Data mining techniques and data organization

  • Preparation and data mining
  • Introduction to statistical analysis (Length: 1 day. Find out how to produce your descriptive statistics and graphs. Learn how to do your mean comparison tests, chi-square tests and correlations)

Classical techniques of statistical analysis

  • Linear and logistic regression
  • Survival analysis
  • Time series
  • Cluster analysis
  • Factorial analysis
  • Correspondence analysis
  • Introduction to OCR analysis

Analytical techniques for data scientists

  • Rules of association
  • Classification and regression trees
  • Neural networks

For more details or other trainings, please contact us.

Personalized training

Other trainings are available and can be adapted to your needs.